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Many exhibitors believe that exhibition organisers are in the ‘real estate’ business, in that they sell stands for a living! Which is why exhibitors normally talk to the organisers twice: when they sign up to exhibit and when they arrive at the show.

In fact the exhibition organisers should be your best business buddies because their job is to find you new business. If they fail to find you new business, you won’t exhibit again and they are out of business.

The organisers spend all year, researching potential buyers in your industry, and then encouraging them to attend the show.  The least part of stand rental is the shell scheme and carpet, the largest part is the research and marketing intelligence that builds a quality audience. It pays big dividends to:

Sit down with the organisers, at least once before the show, to make sure that they understand who you would like to attract to your stand. Ask for their advice on how you can work together to boost quality attendance.

Read the exhibitors information manual, as soon as it arrives, looking for all of the marketing opportunities. Exhibitions offer lots more marketing opportunities than just the stand. Then discuss the marketing opportunities with the Organisers

Do not hesitate to approach the organisers with your promotional ideas. Providing that everyone-wins from your promotions; visitors, you and the organisers, they can be very accommodating.

Discuss your pre-show and on-show promotions, with the organisers. Not only to gain their approval for your promotions, but to find out how you could work together, to increase the impact and results.

Exhibition organisers are regularly communicating with your customers and prospects. which is why it makes sense that they are your best business buddies.

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