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Marketing budgets are under pressure and management is looking for more ‘bang for their buck’. They want to know what medias will help them achieve their marketing  objectives, what it will cost and what could be the return.

Every company should know:

* where does our annual revenue come from: by product

* where do we make the most profit

* what industry segments do our customers come from

* what is the average size order and per customer

* what new products or improvements are under development and what is their marketing potential

This information provides the foundation of the organization’s annual marketing objectives. Once they have been determined, sales and marketing departments look at the media that will help them achieve these objectives.

Exhibition participation is the most measurable of all of the marketing media. Research has proved, that exhibitions are the number one tool that buyers use to make purchasing decisions. So trade shows should be included in your marketing budget but don’t take my word for it, there is a simple exercise which will allow you to calculate how many leads, orders and the value of new business you could achieve from exhibition participation.

Setting multiple SMART exhibition objectives, before booking a stand, will tell you:

the right products to exhibit

the right target market

the right show

the right number of stand staff

the right size stand

determining your trade show strategy, will allow you to calculate the value you could gain from the stand, with the available resources; just the information that management is looking for.


We offer a 3-hour in-house Trade show strategy session, that ideally should be held before the show or stand is selected and/or at least 3 – 6 months out from the show.

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