Stand staff – marvellous multi-taskers


STAND STAFF – MARVELLOUS MULTI-TASKERS Last week’s blog was on the selection of successful exhibition stand staff. This week, we look at the work that needs to be handled by those stand staff, courtesy of Skyline Displays, ( who have a fortune of free information for exhibitors: ‘Your best stand staffers have a strong work ethic, a wide variety of skills and flexibility. Stand staffers are more than eye candy…

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Now you can have successful stand staff

stand staff selection 2

NOW YOU CAN HAVE SUCCESSFUL STAND STAFF ‘I am not taking my best rep. off the road to sit on a stand all day’ is a frequent exhibitor comment. Yet the best rep. on the road might not be the best person to man your exhibition stand, as the skills required are different: STAND                                                                             ROAD Prospect approaches representative                               Representative approaches prospect High number of interviews                                               Limited interviews daily Representative initiates…

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The power of post-show reviews


THE POWER OF POST-SHOW REVIEWS After the exhibition closes, it is tempting to breathe a great sigh of relief then immediately resume normal business activities but this would be a wasted opportunity.   Within 7-days of the close of the exhibition, there should be at least two meetings held: Stand staff – Your stand staff were face-to-face with your target market for the duration of the exhibition, so have the clearest…

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Gain more expo biz with social media


GAIN MORE EXPO BIZ WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Most business’s are looking at incorporating social media into their marketing mix but here are some comments on the pros and cons, particularly on how it could be used to gain more business, the next time you exhibit. Social media can give a good return at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns, yet it should still be considered at just…

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Calculating show success


CALCULATING SHOW SUCCESS   Exhibitors battle with determining ROI, the return on the exhibition investment. Many exhibitors judge the success of the stand on how busy it was, how many brochures they handed out or number of people who entered their competition; all soft measurements. These measurements will not convince management to fund exhibiting in the future, as they will be looking for hard evidence of leads and orders gained….

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Leaving the show till the last minute


    LEAVING THE SHOW TILL THE LAST MINUTE   Years ago, my display company kept a stock of ‘instant displays’, for the exhibitors who had literally left the show till the last minute. The worse case we ever had, was an exhibitor who collected an ‘instant display’, then rushed off to set up his stand, on the second day of a three-day show!!! Exhibitors who are looking for great…

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7 ways to measure trade show success


7 ways to measure trade show success Most exhibitors find it hard to measure the Return on the exhibition investment (ROI), which is really important as it can tell you: The income generated from the exhibition, exceeded the expenditure and by what margin Will allow you to compare value from exhibitions with other marketing media Will allow you to compare the ROI from different shows This useful article by Skyline…

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5 great questions to ask the exhibition organisers

5 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK THE EXHIBITION ORGANISERS   Exhibitors normally ask the Organisers only two questions, before signing the contract to exhibit: 1.  Who else is exhibiting? – most exhibitors like to see if their competitors are exhibiting but the decision to exhibit should not be based solely on the competitor’s participation        2. How many visitors are expected? – the organisers can only refer to last year/shows attendance and…

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A paperless exhibition stand

Most exhibitors are shocked when I point out that 70% of your brochures are thrown away before the visitors have left the Hall. Considering the cost of design and full-colour printing, not to mention the agonizing over copy and content, it is not surprising that exhibitors attach a higher value to them, then your visitor. Mainly, the fact that a high percentage of brochures are discarded is largely due to…

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