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‘Of the $24 billion used for U.S. trade show marketing in 2012, exhibitor training comes in dead last at a measly 1%’ reported the CEIR Centre for Exhibition Industry Research, USA.

“The tragedy is that many exhibitors still refuse to trim in other areas like stand design, to allow for more spending on the ‘key 3’ that actually relate to marketing: promotions, training and lead management. These three things which can really make or break your trade show experience from a results standpoint’ said Marlys Arnold from  www.Exhibit MarketersCafe.com

Marlys went on to say ‘This really baffles me. If a company is willing to spend thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) to have an exhibit, why wouldn’t they want their staff to be educated on how to get the best return on that investment? It’s a known fact that better educated exhibitors are more effective and successful. Another CEIR study states that they’re 68% more effective, in fact. So why do so few exhibitors invest in this key piece’

Maryls Arnold went on to publish ‘The Exhibitor Education Manifesto’, sub-titled ‘Why 1% isn’t nearly enough’, which can be downloaded from www.slideshare.net

This research was based on American statistics but is equally true in South Africa, where very few exhibitors believe that they could benefit from trade show marketing education, yet those same exhibitors complain that they:

  • can’t determine the exhibition ROI
  • Are not getting great results
  • feel that there are not enough leads and that very few convert to orders
  • feel that exhibitions are a waste of time and money
  • feel that exhibitions cost a fortune
  • only have one or two exhibition objectives
  • their staff hate being on the stand

all problems that are easily overcome by exhibitor training, which can lead to a substantial increase in leads, sales and new business from exhibition participation – 68% more effective according to the CEIR!


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