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Traditionally portable displays consisted of a pull-up banner (maybe two), a leaflet holder and for the adventurous marketer a portable counter. Portable branding has developed leaps and bounds over the years to a point where modern systems can be used interchangeably as a promotional display or a full blown exhibition booth with custom accessories.

Increasingly, marketers are cottoning on to the value proposition that fast, light and graphically superior fabric displays offer over the traditional methods of exhibition and display. Revolutionary systems like Fabriframe and FSD are re-defining the way exhibition stands and display booths are designed, built and utilised.

The reluctance of marketers to use portable displays in a trade show environment is increasingly eroding. Modern aluminium and fabric displays compete visually on an equal footing with custom mdf solutions and offer many advantages:

·        The systems are highly portable.

·   They are also customisable with little to no extra expense on additional components to change the look / feel of the booth.

·     Fabric systems are health and safety compliant as modern dye sublimation fabrics are fire retardent. Unlike PVC and Vinyl which has been outlawed in European trade show halls. PVC releases extremely toxic chlorine gas when burned.

·    They are ecologically sound as the systems have a far longer lifespan than mdf / chipboard solutions, are re-cyclable in the case of aluminium and can be up-cycled in the case of the fabric prints.

·        Fabric prints offer far superior colour saturation than paper or vinyl, making the prints vibrant and engaging. The prints are also washable.

·      Modern systems like FSD can be adapted to mount shelving, tension cable display solutions, LCD screens and many other custom accessories.

·        Modular fabric systems are both storage and logistics friendly, offering significant cost advantages.

·        With the fabric prints being interchangeable, once the system is purchased one merely needs to change the print to change the look and feel of the display.

·        Booths that traditionally required a team of installers to setup can now be erected by the exhibitors themselves without the need for tools.

Where fabric display solutions tend to fall short are with outdoor use (the systems are generally too light to withstand wind) and limitations to size, if seamless prints are desired. Current printers are able to print a maximum width of 3m restricting a seamless print to 3 x 50m.

In the age of fabric display; chipboard castles, expensive refurbishments and logistics challenges are a thing of the past. The power of innovation and the freedom to continuously adapt one’s marketing campaign is increasingly empowering marketers without dis-empowering their budgets.

Editor – it is not unusual on some exhibitions, to find nearly 30% of exhibitors using fabric displays, which is a good indication that they are not a passing fad but a valuable marketing tool.

Thanks to PODD Display for this article: www.podd.co.za

Please let us have your comments on fabric displays, how you used them and whether you feel that they were good value for money.

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