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Five cost effective tips for your expo stand

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Exhibiting can be a costly exercise, but by following these simple tips you can bring many of the costs down.

1. Pre-plan

Decide on which shows you want to exhibit, at the start of the year. By doing this you will be able to book the best stand space on the floor plan, take advantage of an early bird booking rate, submit your services forms on time to avoid the surcharge of a late booking, and plan your stand early enough that unnecessary costs from last minute rushed items are avoided.

2. Re-use your graphics*

For your stand branding, opt for re-usable fabric prints. Fabric prints are less costly than vinyl prints, and have the advantage of being re-usable. So if you are smart about what branding you choose – for example, images and text that will not date – you can re-use them at a number of shows, with washes in between to keep them clean. If you exhibit at shows around the country, fabric graphics can be transported at very low costs because they pack small and are lightweight.

What is more – fabric graphics look professional. Large seamless prints are possible up to 3 meters wide by 50 meters long, and curves can also be done.

3. Re-use your stand*

Another option to consider is purchasing a re-usable stand, such as a Pop-Up stand. As the name implies, a Pop Up starts out as a small package that pops up and open into the stand. It is made from a metal frame that the graphics attach to with magnets. The whole stand can pack into a drum case with wheels, making it easy-to-transport.

What’s more, a Pop Up stand can be set up by one person in just a few minutes. New graphics can be re-printed as needed, and Scan offers a lifetime warranty on the hardware, making this a very long term solution.

4. Reduce your handouts*

Reduce the amount of printed handouts on your stand, either by doing smaller print runs and only giving them to genuine prospects, and / or by printing smaller flyers that have a teaser that can then drive people to your website to find the information that they are interested in.

Another clever way to do this is to ask visitors to your stand to sign up for more information which you then email to them, on the spot. This enables you to capture their contact details, and also puts your contact information into their inbox instantly.

You should also avoid having give-aways on your stand. Although they can be fun, they often attract the wrong kind of people. Rather use the money you would have on gifts to make your stand more impactful, or to send an additional staff member to the show to help man the stand.

5. Train your stand staff

This last point does not reduce the cost of exhibiting, but it will make it more likely that you will see a Return On Investment on the money you have put into exhibiting. Having people on the stand who are briefed on how they should behave, what information they need to communicate to visitors and what your objectives at the show are, will make a world of difference to what you get out from the show. Make sure you give them regular breaks so they stay fresh, and incentivise them with a competition – for example with a prize to the staff member who closes the biggest sale from a show lead.

*Did you know that numbers 2 to 4 are also ‘green’ solutions to exhibiting, because they minimise unnecessary waste? So not only will you save money by following these tips, but you will also help to save our environment!

EDITOR – these are all great points to consider if budgets are cut. It also makes sense to rather reduce the size of your stand, then cut out individual items which could prove critical to your success, like pre-show promotions or stand staff training.

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