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I have trained over 7000 exhibitors during the last 10 years and regularly receive glowing testimonials on the value of the training or on results received but very few cold hard facts. Understandably, Companies are reluctant to reveal information which might be of value to their competitors, like the value of new business gained, number and quality of leads, comparison with last years ROI or ROO etc.

Exhibitors are also reluctant to pay for exhibitor training, especially in a tight economy, assuming that it is:

  • fluffy, a nice-to-have but wont add anything to their bottom line
  • they don’t need it as they have exhibited before
  • exhibiting is common sense
  • how difficult can it be – you book a stand, employ a stand builder, then show up and collect a ton of leads!
  • they are underestimating the value of exhibition participation and its powerful influence on the Company’s bottom line.

International research proves that participating in a trade exhibition is the number one way to launch a new product, enter a new market, gain export business and generate sales leads but only if you do it well, capitalising on all of the marketing opportunities that the medium creates.

Exhibition participation is the fastest-growing marketing medium worldwide as buyers rate them as the number one source of information with which to make purchasing decisions.

This year, I would like to work with 10 companies, of all shapes and sizes and from all industries, to create case studies on the efficacy of exhibitor training; to determine what strategy delivered the best results, what was hard to implement, problems experienced  and the real value gained etc.  Then to publish these case studies for the benefit of other exhibitors, having suitably disguised the participants names.

To show my appreciation to exhibitors participating in this project, I will be offering free exhibitor training and coaching, to help them gain the maximum number of new leads and orders.

If you have booked to participate in an exhibition that is taking place in South Africa after April 2012, are an established company/organisation and would like to participate in this project, then contact me now at  – the only risk is in not trebling your trade show results.

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