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Most business’s are looking at incorporating social media into their marketing mix but here are some comments on the pros and cons, particularly on how it could be used to gain more business, the next time you exhibit.

Social media can give a good return at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns, yet it should still be considered at just one element of your marketing mix, which is now creating the maximum number of touch-points with your clients and prospects.

Social media never sleeps. At any given time millions of people, all over the world, are online all looking to connect, whether via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInk, YouTube, Pinterest or any of the hundreds of SM platforms.

Social media is no longer a fad as it has fundamentally changed the way we communicate, both personally and professionally and without a doubt, has changed the way we do business.

The business benefits of incorporating social media into your marketing mix are:

Increased exposure – making you more visible and differentiating you from competitors

Improve traffic to your web site – social media is an excellent way to grow traffic to your web site

Provide insight on your market – social media provides better understanding of your target market, their likes, dislikes and views on your company and products.

Generate sales leads – social media lets you reach out to your audience and build relationships; people are more likely to buy from people they know, like and trust.

Every business should have a BLOG on their website, as the centre piece of any social media strategy, as it acts as a source of content and information for your fans and followers to engage with your brand and business, on a more personal level.

The rules of SEO search engine optimization are constantly changing, requiring fresh, relevant content as quite possibly, the most important factor of a website. Fresh content keeps search engines happy, increases brand strength, industry leadership and has SEO benefits, which tie all social media platforms together.

Tim Patterson, recommends using social media to close more business at trade shows via:

  • Tweeting out news of your contest and promotions, encouraging people to visit your stand. When tweeting about a specific show, always use the show’s hashtag
  • Create a hashtag for your company at the show and count how many times those hashtags were retweeted.
  • Create a mini-site or blog dedicated to your trade show appearance, or targeted towards your show marketing efforts
  • Use your Facebook page to send out regular messages to your fans about special deals or prices you are offering in the stand

The three key points to remember about effective use of social media are:

  1. Social media is not an advertising or promotional platform but a unique way to communicate and inform people about your company, brands and products as a dialogue, rather than the monologue we have used in the past.
  2. You must think of social media as a ‘wedding, rather than a one-night-stand’ which you must work on constantly, building trust and great results over time

3.     Social media requires a company commitment, to be consistent in branding and content and dedicated to building the relationship with your market. It would be better not to start a social media campaign, if you could not constantly update content, add value at all times and respond immediately to all comments, than be perceived as slow, inconsistent, unreliable and uncaring.

Social media could be a really useful marketing tool, in gaining more business from your exhibition participation, providing you used it well.



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