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Video is so much more than a medium for recording weddings and holidays as it has morphed into a really powerful marketing tool, particularly for exhibitors. Here are 12 ways to use video to increase sales:

1.     Pre-show promotions – add a short video to your web site, with teasers on new products or services which will be launched at the exhibition, or a series of videos if you are launching several new products


2.     Video promotion/contests that will occurring on the stand, explain how to participate, show the prizes, then later video the winners being announced on the stand. Add these videos to your web site.


3.     Videos on your web site, improves your Google/search engine ranking, as it keeps visitors on your site longer. A recent survey revealed that a product page with a video on it, was 53 times more likely to achieve a page listing on Google.


4.     On-stand promotions – film short interviews with satisfied customers, then screen them on the stand, later to add to your web site.


5.     Shoot and show video on the stand, where the product is too large or complicated, for the stand or where you are showing your products in action.


6.     Shoot and show video of product, showing how new features can improve productivity or performance.


7.     Convert these videos to DVD’s to use as a sales tool and/or a promotional gift.


8.     Videos can be converted into PowerPoint presentations as another sales or educational tool, which can be shown on mobile media like iPads, laptops or smart phones.


9.     Videos can be kept for your select group of clients or prospects, or added to YouTube, for a much wider audience (2 billion videos are viewed each month on Facebook alone)


10.Post-show promotions – shoot a video of the stand, the new products launched and the show special offers, then send them to clients and prospects who were unable to visit the show.


11.Add videos to your social media pages, like Facebook and Linked-in


12.Shoot a series of educational videos on the use of your products, for better customer support and added value.


Even just a few years ago, video required big budgets and technical skills. Nowadays, all that is required is an inexpensive video camera and a good plan. Establish what you want to achieve from the video and the best way to convey the information in the shortest and most interesting way. 30-seconds to three minutes are great lengths for marketing videos.

There is still a need for big production budgets and professionals when shooting a video for marketing expensive products, or to accompany tenders and big pitches but the quality of videos, even in webcams and phones, is so good these days, that they can be used for most of the marketing ideas listed in this article.

Content is king and video is a powerful inexpensive marketing tool for online sales letters, brochures, websites, blogs and social media or show your videos in reception, show rooms, at meetings, industry events, on exhibition stands or for media coverage. Equip your sales staff with tablets, like iPad, so that they can show videos of products in action and client testimonials – so much more powerful than a brochure and a chat!




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