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The internet has forever changed the way we communicate, so it is surprising that some companies still do not have their own websites.  When you see an e-mail address like joeswidgets@yahoo.com , what does that say about the company: old-fashioned,  techno-illiterate or cheap.  It is a false economy, not to have a website, especially when you consider that a recent survey found that over 75% of buyers will check out a supplier’s website, before placing an order.

Your website can help you get more new business, the next time you exhibit. Very few exhibitors, consider putting their exhibition participation on their website but the benefits are:

*    integrated marketing, where the synergy of using all of your marketing tools together, will create much better results than using them one at a time

 *    pre-show promotions alone can improve your results by 300% but it is a waste just  targeting the people visiting your stand, or the exhibition. Truly successful pre-show promotions should reach your entire target market, which your website should serve

*      social media can enhance your expo promotions, especially when centred around a blog on your website

·      *      to help clients and prospects find the venue and your stand by including maps and  artists impressions

 ·       *     the exhibition organisers website normally features live links to the exhibitor’s websites 

 ·      *      promotions, demonstrations and client testimonials can all be videoed on the stand, then added immediately to your website to build interest and attendance

  *      having your website on the stand, allows you to market goods and services too big to bring to the Expo. Include a video tour of your factory, product catalogue, welcome address by management, demonstrations and educational videos impractical to have on your stand.

  *      your website is an essential tool in lead management and post-show promotions, helping you convert the maximum number to orders.


Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, predicted 30 years ago that the internet would kill trade exhibitions but that was one of the rare things that he misjudged.  The immense value of face-to-face at exhibitions can’t be replaced by the internet but for all other marketing, it is invaluable.



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