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Stand uniforms should be compulsory! Not only do uniforms make you look like a professional team but it makes it easy for a prospect to identify and engage with staff members, which is what exhibiting is all about, face-to-face marketing.

My pet hate is being in a shop (on a stand), with queries about a product.  If I cant identify the staff, then I would rather leave the shop (stand), than risk an embarrassing encounter with another prospect or buyer.

There is no doubt that stand uniforms make you stand out and being identifiable, makes you approachable, anywhere in the show. It would not be unusual to take leads in the restaurant, whilst having coffee.

Stand uniforms dont have to be expensive but should identify with the brand, products and customers, for example, if you are selling agricultural equipment, you wouldn’t do it in a 3-piece suit but rather in jeans and golf-shirts.

When I consulted with a law firm who were exhibiting on a franchise exhibition, they wanted their stand to resemble their office, where they could sit behind a desk with their law books, in a suit. Their target market were people looking to buy a franchise, anything from a shoe repairers to an upmarket restaurant, who would then need legal advice on contracts and agreements. I recommended that the law firm dump the law books, fancy desk and suits and rather become a free franchise legal advice centre, where they looked approachable and genuinely interested in providing advice to their prospects. Short-sleeved white shirts and black pants, did the job.

Stand uniforms put a face to a brand – remember when Standard Bank ran a campaign based on ‘we want to be your bank’. Or AVIS with ‘we try harder’. Both campaigns emphasised people and service, which was reinforced by uniforms which brought the brand to life.

Where possible, wear your exhibit, which applies to dresses, tops, jackets, jewellery, hair accessories etc.  The exception was this exhibit where it was hard to tell the staff from the  mannequins.

Stand uniforms really allow you to dress for success on your stand.

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