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Marketo ( have recently released their 2010 finding on the key trends in direct marketing internationally.

One of the questions they asked was “What three programs are generating the best quantity & quality of leads?”

The findings are:

Top three lead generation programs based on quality/quantity of leads

E-mail marketing – 61%

Live events/trade shows – 45%

Web site registrations – 32%

Webinars – 31%

Telemarketing – 28%

SEO/Paid search/Google Adwords – 26%

Direct mail – 17%

Newsletters – 14%

Other – 13%

Social media 12%

Blogs, podcasts, mobile marketing – 11%

Newspaper/print ads – 3%

TV/Radio – 3%

International research found that Trade Shows deliver the best quality leads because the prospect has interacted with the product, discussed its merits with sales staff and its benefits to their business – but I’m biased.

This is a blog, which invites your comments on the articles I post. What is your experience? Do you get better quantity and quality of leads from E-mail marketing, or from Trade Shows?

Thanks to Tony Sham at Interactive Direct, for this information,


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